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The history of Bihar is one of the most varied in India. Ancient Bihar known as Magadha, was originally known as ‘Vihara’ meaning monastery, was the center of power, learning and culture in India for 1000 years. Bihar is landlocked state and located in the eastern part of India. It is bounded by the country of Nepal on north, by Uttar Pradesh on west, by Jharkhand on south, and by West Bengal on east. Magadha, the modern Bihar, had been the centre of the great dynasties of Maurya and Gupta, Pala. Buddhism, Jainism is one of the most popular religions of the world arose from here. Prince Siddharth got enlightment in Bihar and become Buddha, Mahavir also born in Bihar and spreed the knowledge of piece and unity in world. Bihar is one of the first democracies of the world which founded by Lichhawi. Read More...

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We have highly qualified, multilingual team that not only offers you tour packages but also excellent geographical and regional knowledge of tourism destination, in-depth understanding of the respective culture and heritage with best of class travel services during you and your guest visit to treasure of art, culture, pilgrimage sites and cuisines of the region.

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We have best negotiated rates of hotels in all districts and tourist places of Bihar & Jharkhand and equally provide you best of class transportation with trained drivers in and out of Bihar.

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We have a Business to Business team who work as branch of your company in our region and promote and represent ourselves as your representatives with daily updates on tour and provided excellent services according to guest needs. We had introduced plantation and community development in our day to day work for sustainable growth of tourism in our region.